Testimonials & Tenants

“On January 2015 Mark flew in from New York to visit his properties and I had the pleasure of meeting him. As we went on a tour of my Cupcake shop. I was able to point out some issues I had with the previous owner. And to my surprise Mark was able to contact his contractor to have these issues taken care of in a timely fashion. I have been very pleased with the staff at ProVest from Kerri to Mark. They have made things very comfortable and have assisted me in understanding where things went wrong with the previous owner.

I hope to have a long relationship.”

— Chef Stacey Stoudemire
Simply Michelle’s Cupcakes

“Having been in Springdale Plaza for over 20 years, we have a real appreciation for Provest Properties. We began working with them this past year and have found them easy to work with and understanding of the needs of the tenants. The owner himself Charles Vita has kept in close contact with our location. Provest Properties is actively looking for new businesses for our plaza while keeping in mind the direction of where the Plaza’s and tenants’ future success lies. Provest Properties also shows a continual interest in updating and maintaining the appearance of the Plaza. They have painted, installed security cameras, and strived to improve the parking lot and its appearance. Provest Properties communicates well about these improvements and when they are to occur. We have appreciated this consideration. Provest Properties seeks to bring our Plaza to the next level of success, and they are doing so while maintaining a personal touch with us.”

— Emily F. Mikell, President
Folline Vision

As I consider the relationship that we at The Forgiving Church have built with Provest PDQ Village Green LLC, the first word I think of is professionalism. We have always been met with expedient response to questions and issues that may arise, the staff are customer oriented and make every effort to ensure our happiness as a lessee. The process to enter into this lease agreement went smoothly and the flexibility on Provest has been welcomed. We are thankful that Provest takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of the Village Green Center with onsite maintenance as well as equipment to secure the entire facility. Although we have been tenants for less than a year we are looking forward to the next five years of working with Provest and beyond. It is always a blessing to encounter great people to do business with knowing that the relationships being built create success for everyone involved.

— Elder Mildred Brooks, Executive Director
The Forgiving Church